Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ajiey Blog: Shaman King - New Manga Series!!

Shaman King is one of those shows I grew up watching, similar to DragonballZ and One Piece. I remember the first time I watched it... I was watching Fox Kids / Jetix and waiting for the show SonicX to premiere on the channel, which was coincidently premiering the same day as Shaman King. And it was one of them “Love at first sight” feelings, though I was a kid at the time.
The opening hooked me to the series, and the theme was… to this day something I still love. Partnering with ghosts and imbuing them into yourself/ weapons. Plus I really liked the story as well, with this mysterious kid and tournament that took place every 500 years. I have to commend Takei Hiroyuki on the idea and it ran quite well. It’s not until half way through the series/ 30 chapters in the manga that the main antagonist shows up and you find out what this is really about!

Eventually I finished the series and a few years later decided to revisit it as I heard the Manga is completely different to the Series (Which it is). It was a great 300 chapters… until the very end, which wasn’t really climactic. Yet was kind of realistic with the way they hyped up the antagonist (Yes it’s one of those where they make the antagonist seem god-like). But even though the ending was… meh… and I had quite a few complaints about the story and manga. But overall I enjoyed it.

This week a new series of Shaman King came out called Shaman King: Flowers which is set around 15ish years after the Shaman tournament and focuses on Yoh Asakura’s son Hana Asakura and from the first chapter it does look to be quite interesting.  I have high hopes for this series and have needed a good new manga to be excited about. Recently only Naruto and One Piece have really been doing it for me. There used to be a time when I had a whole battalion of manga that I used to read and now it’s fleshed down to Naruto, One Piece and Bleach (The BIG 3). I might need to catch up on Hitman Reborn and Fairy Tail when they get good again; as they lost my interest a while back.

 But yeah I’ve ranted on enough.  

Here is the link for the new Shaman King flowers manga.


P.s Ajiey Media has quite a lot of content planned for the near future. Well I always say that maybe not the immediate future but the near future definately. As you know I've been working on quite a few things including the Dystopia Universe with my friend Darasimi... I'm not gonna give you too much info on that. Along with some weekly content and a few more additions to the Ajiey Media team. P.s and maybe even a Fantasy World: Chapter two.... Who knows, wait and find out!