Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ajiey.net is moving!

Ajiey.net is moving to a new site. Meaning that you will not be able to access this site through the Ajiey.net domain. You will have to use the old woaji.blogspot.com to access this site.

Sorry for the inconvenience

- Ajiey

Student tips for saving money!

So you're a student. You get around £2000 each term. Yet once the term ends you have NO money left? Here are some Ajiey tips for saving money:

1. Get a Savings account
Savings accounts are very useful as long as you have the discipline to use it. Whether you work, get student loan or both put a set fee or percentage into your savings or ISA account and DON’T TOUCH IT! If you get £1700 student loan, put £500 into the savings account and use the rest to spend. Doesn’t seem like much at first but by the end of your second year you will notice it!

2. Set Budgets
What do you need, when do you need it? For instance when I start the first term I know I will need a monthly Travel card for September, October, November and December, let’s say three since Uni starts around mid-end September (including fresher’s week) and ends around mid-December. So I know I need to budget of £300 to put aside for travel cards. Do this for other things like books, food and even parties.

3. Buy Drinks beforehand!
You going clubbing, buy your wine beforehand at your local Tesco, a £10 drink of wine will get you much tipsier than two £5 Vodka and Cokes from a club. (I promote for a club and am telling you not to buy drinks from clubs; they’re going to kill me). But remember… Drink responsibly ;).

4. Get a Student overdraft
Let’s play a game. The aim of the game is to have an overdraft but NOT go into it. It’s simple but challenging. Make sure to get yourselves that student overdraft service in case of an emergency but apart from that don’t go into it! It’s best to stay out of getting more debts and being minus balance. But it is good to have sometimes we overspend without knowing it, and having an overdraft service allows you to go over, without stinging you with interest.

4. Use the cheaper services your University offers.
The perks of being a student are getting student discounts, and services for much cheaper rates. Be sure to cash in your student discounts wherever you go, even if you think a place doesn’t do student discounts, still ask you might be surprised (Nothing ventured, nothing gained). Your university probably has a Gym. Use that instead of going to the more expensive ones! And milk your student union for all the free stuff they offer. Notepads, Pens, Bags, and even Condoms your student union should have all of those there and for FREE. So just pop in and take some, got a lot of Student Union junk in my room :p. Especially with the Condoms, walk in, take a handful and walk out… Don’t make eye contact with anyone!

6. Be Smart!
Just because you now have £2000 in your bank doesn’t mean you can go out and buy an £100 designer hat (Had a friend that did that) be smart with your money, you might need it later on. Spend it on what you need and treat yourself but don’t go around spending excessively on Clothes, parties and other stuff; you’ll be surprised on how quickly that money can go.

7. Use cheaper retailers
This ties in with the last point, but what annoys me is when people insult Primark. I got a £20 leather coat and a £10 body warmer from there almost 2 years ago, and I still wear them to this day. They are in perfect condition and keep me warm and have even outlasted some coats I got from more expensive shops. Just because the clothes cost less does not necessarily make them less quality. I mostly buy my jeans from Primark too and they look just like the jeans my friend wears which costs over double of what I paid. It’s all about finding the best deals for the same product. Go Camden market and look at their wares, shop at ASDA instead of the more expensive Sainsbury’s.  All this saves money that can be used for something else.
I hope some of this advice helped you.
- Ajiey

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dystopia is coming!

Your wait is almost over! It's almost here, The very first issue of Dystopia: The Telepath a new series published by Ajiey Media and written by Darasimi Makinde. About a boy trapped in this other realm known as the Dark Expanse. How will he escape, and how did he end up there in the first place? All this and more will be revealed in the hit new Series. Dystopia: The Telepath

Comming soon...

 "Your journey starts here" - Phoenix

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New contributors/ London Film and Comic Con

Yooo Wassup guys.... It's Ajiey!
Haven't said that in a while, and you won't get it if you've never watched one of my youtube videos. So what's on the agenda today?

London Film and Comic Con:

Yes this weekend from Friday the 6th of July to Sunday the 9th of July is the London Film and Comic Con in the London Olympia. Make sure you're there, many stars will be there including Hayden Panettiere from  Heroes, Charles Dance from Game of Thrones, Mickie James from WWE Wrestling  and many more!

Check out more here.

Ajiey Media also has a Table at the London Film and Comic Con where we will be selling, prints, Character drawings/ sketches and... you guessed it Fantasy World: The Adventures of Ken so those of you that wanted a copy make sure to come down and get your signed issue!

New Contributors

I would also like to give a welcome to all the new contributors to Ajiey Media that will be working with us from now on.
First is Kart Prowler who designed the front covers of Supers and Dystopia. The prints themselves you will be able to purchase at the London Film and Comic con this week and is currently designing the front cover of Fantasy World: Chapter 2... Yes guys it's comming!
Check out his deviantart page (http://kartprowler.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0)

Next is Oddy who is the artist of Supers and will be developing the web-comic. The first few pages he's already done and will be shown in due time.

Lastly is Jon who is helping with another part of Ajiey Media.

I would like to thank and welcome all the new contributors, you're now a part of the family we call Ajiey Media
- Ajiey


Monday, 25 June 2012

Supers Prologue: 2

So hey, it’s me again. Here to continue my recount of London after the “Event”.  It took a few weeks but I was eventually able to get my power under control and Blaze (As I call it) whenever I want. At first it would only happen when I was angry or ‘heated up’ (Get it?) but eventually I got it under control.
The first few weeks were by far the weirdest in terms of getting used to everybody getting powers, it was all over the news, TV, Facebook and Twitter (#MyNewAbility) and you can bet the Government capitalised on it quickly. A new tax was declared for everybody that had powers or “Supers” as they started calling them. A flying licence was also put into implementation for all those that could fly, and only those who had permission were allowed to fly and If caught flying without a licence then you could end up paying a huge fine… “Flying in dangerous” they told us “We wouldn’t want accidents happening in the air, therefore only trained professionals will be allowed to fly” made it seem as if it was for our own good, but anyone could tell that it was the Public Transport money they were worried about.
A lot happened during the first few months after this event happened. As you can already guess, a bunch of costumed nerds joined forces and started a Superhero team called “Team Justice”. Essentially it was just a bunch of cosplayers who just wanted to walk up and down the streets dressed up as a Superhero. I thought the trend would die out soon, and it was about to when the first incident arose of a group of villains with abilities tried to rob a Post-Office (I bet you thought I was going to say bank, naah, Banks are too well protected, but a Post-Office is the next best thing) Though the villains had certain powers they were no match for the ever growing army of “Team Justice”. By now Team Justice was quite a big group and they were allowed to establish themselves as a non-profit company with all their profit either going into reinvestment or the Government. In return they were granted flying licences and leave to use their powers as they wished.
The Government also saw that Supers were too strong for the Police in general, especially those without powers; therefore they created the Supers-Police, armed with new technology to help subdue rogue Supers. Ever heard of restraint?  They haven’t, always going in guns blazing to every little problem.  The other month they had a lawsuit against them as they practically blew up a shop chasing down a robber. Nobody was hurt however… well apart from the robber who suffered several broken limbs and was in a coma for two weeks, all because he stole some Basmati Rice.
Though despite the efforts of Team Justice and the Supers-Police, Criminal groups also started popping up everywhere, one of the major ones being the Hood Ratz… a crew in the south-London area that used their abilities to mug and rob unsuspecting travellers. And they’re just one of the groups of criminals out there.
Jeez, I’ve been talking about the world so much I totally forgot the most important part… ME! Soo… what have I been doing since I got an ability… Well I started Uni, and am sharing the upstairs of my older sister’s apartment with Jerome and Jenna (one of my close cousins), Jerome goes to the same uni as me; however Jenna is still in college, we also now take combat classes once a week (Self-Defense, Kung Fu, Muai Thai have become quite popular since the Supers event). There is always work to be done as Supers so we set up a service to use our abilities to gain a bit of extra money, from cleaning cars to being bodyguards.
So guys remember if you need a Super for hire email me @ Blaze553@Hotmail.co.uk with your job and prices.

 - Blaze


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