Sunday, 22 April 2012

AngelX: Rise of the Black (Sample) now on Kindle.

Finally it's here, the preveiw to the book i'm working on. Angel X is on Kindle. Get it now for a sneak peek into a world of Angels, Demons, deception and mystery.
By Theo Ajibode (me).

    Artimus Slain is an outcast. Born with a rare trait among demons, known as the X-Stigma, he is constantly avoided and feared by other Angels. Being one of the warriors who defend the town of Quartile, on the boarder of the Angel society and demon lands, he is constantly doing battle with Demons, which is normal for him. What isn’t normal is when he meets a mysterious Dark Angel who seems to know more about him than he knows himself, the Dark Angel also states that he will destroy the Angel Society. Who is this mysterious Dark Angel? How does this Angel know so much about him? Read this to discover Slain’s past and future as he finds out more about himself, meets new friends and travels to new mysterious lands. Oh and Materialisation… Now what’s that?