Friday, 18 May 2012

Supers - We need you!

"In a world of Supers... You're just another number!"
Though we have postponed this for quite a while due to circumstances we finally want to get on with creating this webcomic.

Join Blaze, The Brute and Crow and others as they try to get on with their normal lives in London while a majority of the population has new found powers. Not much has changed...well... apart from a few groups of superhero and villain wannabes sprouting up, a new government tax on all those with Superpowers, a new... super powered police force that doesn't seem to know about the word restraint let alone use it, along with much more.

HOW can you help?
       If you wish to join in on the Supers webcomic you can donate to help us raise funds and receive unique perks along with your name in the contributors credits and even a Super character of your own to appear in the webcomic. If you wish to help raise funds go to this site and donate to and view the Unique perks. 

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