Thursday, 3 May 2012

Avengers Review!

At first I was sceptical even though everybody I knew was telling me how amazing the movie was.

I seem to remember a similar situation last year where everyone was going on about the Xmen: First Class movie and when I saw that movie I was terribly disappointed! 


But I might get onto that in another post. So I had low hopes for the movie going in, however I kept an open mind as I usually do when going to see movies. The movie started off well and continued getting better as it went along. 
The Plot was very basic however "Evil Villain threatens the world, group of heroes join up to beat him" though everything else was great. The movie had enough jokes to be classified as a comedy and most of which had the cinema roaring in laughter... Especially a certain scene towards the end involving Hulk and Loki. The characters and character development was another thing I also liked. Previously hating Iron Man (Never watched the movies as the Iron Man cartoon I watched when I was a kid was awful, never really gave him a chance after that), after I saw the Avengers he become one of my favourite heroes... I even had to go back and watch both the Iron Man movies to get a better foundation on his back story.
Though the movie did have a very simple plot, how the plot was played out was really good I find, as along with their fight against their enemy there are also tensions growing between the heroes which adds quite a lot to the story and makes out for some very funny situations.

Overall I'd give it a solid 8.5 out of 10 it's been the best movie I've seen for a very long time and would say it's a must watch! Its 3D effects are also done quite well if you don't mind paying the extra money. OH and definitely wait until the end of the credits there's something extra you might want to see.

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