Saturday, 9 June 2012

Supers Prologue: Part 1

So… Where do I begin? 

      My name is Luke… Though a lot of people call me Blaze, a shortened version of my online ID Blaze553, I’m 18, currently at university… I’m single… What more is there to say? Oh yeah! I can set my body on fire!
      Haven’t always been able to do the last one, happened roughly a year ago, was having an argument with my sister, got angry and Boom! I was on fire. It felt… normal. Didn’t even know I was on fire until my sister screamed ‘YOU’RE ON FIRE’ and I looked down at my hands to discover that she was right. 
      I did what any normal person would do in that situation… Ran around screaming ‘I’M ON FIRE…” Almost set the whole house on fire but my sister was able to get the hose in time and soaked the whole house before it got too bad. 
      Seems I wasn’t the only one, the talk of the town was ‘look what I can do!’ and the things I saw that morning made me question my sanity. One man grabbed his wife and floated a few feet into the air, another was casually teleporting as opposed to walking, seems he couldn’t teleport very far however, but it was still weird. And things didn’t get any better once I reached College.
I met up with Jerome as soon as I got into college, or as I like to call him ‘The Brute’. Jerome is a current roommate of mine and one of my closest friends; he was also the biggest guy in our class, and loves to train every muscle in his body except the one in his head, seriously… If he isn’t in the Gym he’s either eating or sleeping. 
      He had nothing new to say… Squat this, squat that, bench press 700kg bla bla bla…. ‘I’ve heard it all before’ I told him, but that day he gave me a serious look as if I was missing something. He repeated 700kg and I asked him how much that weighed when he replied that it was MUCH more than he or any human should be able to lift. I trusted him on that. Though he might not know much about world affairs or history but when it came to the physics of the human body he was Einstein.
So he recounted to me the experience of this morning and how he noticed that he could run faster and jump a hell of a lot higher than humans were supposed to.  He also had the same experience as me that morning, watching people as they did things that defied logic. 
      So the conclusion was that everybody was getting strange powers. But the question was...
What caused all of this?

To be continued...