Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ajiey Blogs 2 + Dango Soup 4: MMOChoice

This is a 2-in-1 Post today as I have left it too long without doing a blog on the MCM Expo which happened a Week ago. Also have page 4 of Dango Soup as well for those of you who enjoy Dango Soup. So firstly there are a couple of things I want to address in this Blog. 

1. MCM Expo
So the MCM Expo/ London Comic-Con was last weekend, ranging from Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I couldn't have asked for a better 20th Birthday (Saturday 26th of may). It was one of the most craziest-fun day's I've had in a long time!
   It was my first event in general that I was promoting my work and have never done it before. Despite how prepared I thought I was on Friday, it turned out nothing could have prepared me for my first expo. I showed up with a few flyers and few copies of Fantasy World while others near me had full-fledged stalls and was also next to the Adsf/ Eddsworld stalls. So yeah I felt like a sheep surrounded by lions. 
   After my first day with only 1 Sale overall, I was doubting the rest of the weekend, despite my new friends around me telling me that Friday doesn't really get you any Sales. After Fridays fail I decided to come back on Saturday with the same copies I had on Friday and was totally taken by surprise at what Saturday would bring.
   By about 1:00 on Saturday we were nearly sold out of Fantasy World copies and had to get my mum to restock me. Along with a whole batch of flyer's and by the end of the day we had only 10 copies left. 
   From what people told me about Sunday, I was doubting that I would make that many sales on that day too but I brought the rest of my Fantasy World stock from home just in case (As I learnt from Saturday, always better to have too much than too little). And to our surprise... By the end of the day we had sold out.
   Overall I'm really happy about this as my first expo and I didn't think people would be that responsive to Fantasy World... But It seems I gathered quite a few FW fans :). And would like to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people I met at the Expo... You know who you are, you helped make my first Expo and my Birthday AWESOME and one of the best birthdays I've had in a long time... A Special thanks to Ajiey Media's Sarkazz (John King) and Mo (Mohammed Hussain) who helped me throughout the weekend... Couldn't have done nearly as well without you.

2. Fantasy World
After the positive response and demand for it at the MCM Expo I have been inspired to get on with developing the continuation of the story (Chapters 2,3,4 etc). However as you know, I don't do the art for Fantasy World and instead employ an artist to do the work, Which can be 1... Expensive and 2...Quite hard. The initial stages of finding an artist and then being abe to convince them into agreeing with your budget can be quite hard. Setting up a Business with a Student Loan budget is very taxing. Whereas some students are broke because they spend too much on Drinking, Clothes and partying... I'm broke because I'm spending too much on developing comics, Ajiey Media promotion, OH... and Food... I love Food :). Shows as much, it's Saturday night and I'm at home writing this blog instead of out with my friends partying at Flagz! But then again I've been to two parties this week, three would've been overdoing it... How did I get sidetracked... Anyway as I was saying, I am hoping to get the next chapter (at least) out by the next expo. But it's up to if I find an artist within my budget to work with in time.
3. Dystopia: The Telepath
Even if it's bad news and Fantasy World isn't out by the next expo... Don't worry as Dystopia: The Telepath chapter 1 will be out by then. Dystopia: The Telepath is another comic series primarily written by Darasimi Makinde. If you wish to learn more about it, read some of the background HERE on the Wikia. It takes a more serious tone than the comedy-based Fantasy World but it is sure to make you want to read more!

4. MORE Content?!?
Here at Ajiey Media we always strive to get new and interesting content and now that University isn't holding me back I will be able to max out Ajiey Media this summer. Which means... Yes... MORE CONTENT! From Dango Soup, to Comedy skit videos, Short stories... Longer stories and the works :). So stay on the site to keep updated. We also hope to be moving to a better site soon. This site has served its purpose well and good but it seems that we need more.

5. Dango Soup: MMOChoice
Now what you've all been waiting for... This weeks Dango Soup (Though this ain't a weekly thing!). So it's a dilemma I've had since the beginning of the holiday. Though I probably won't have time to play them properly, it's something nice to spend an hour on now and again.

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