Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 brief reveiw.

 Finally unlocked all the characters for Ninja Storm 2, including that Tekken 6 one, Lars or something (sorry I don't play Tekken games much). My favorite character hands down has to be the original Sasuke. I like his techniques, combos and I think he looks cooler than the "Kirin" Sasuke. I prefer the Kirin technique, but his true spear one is good as well. 

Overall I liked the play experience, however I didn't like the running about in story mode much; I preferred the first one, but overall I liked it. The story battles scenes were amazing and well animated, to bad I was too busy on my toes anticipating what the next buttons I'd quickly have to bash were or I would have gotten some popcorn and enjoyed the animation. Also remembering how good Naruto was (I do say "was") and playing through it again.

The game follows the story of Naruto however things happen differently in the game; for example: when Naruto and Sasuke meet again there is an epic battle that mirrors the battle they fought as kids. Also some of the story events are in a different order, like how Itachi vs Sasuke is before Jiraya vs Pain when in the story its the other way around but I have no problem with that as it was fun to play.

I am generally a very critical person but as for this game there is not many bad things to say about it. It is definitely my favorite fighting game (3D fighting games are the future :D) with DBZ Tenkaichi following 2nd (not raging blast, I disliked that). I just love this game, it is a MUST buy, screw Black-ops and get this!

Sasuke w/ Curse seal (my favorite Shippuden character)
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