Monday, 28 November 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic

Played a bit of the beta this weekend and here is a quick screenshot of my character. It's an interesting game however it feels like nearly every other MMO. Running around, the combat... etc. The only different bit is the quest dialog as it is all voice acted and you can choose what your character says and some of the choices he makes. Though I didn't feel like my speech desisions meant anything and hardly got any DarkSide/ LightSide quest choices. Though I guess there will be more later in the game. And I like how your character can be a Jedi but bad... Likewise a good Sith. To sum this game up overall I would say it's like WoW in space but didn't really have many new elements about it. I did only get to level 6 before getting bored, but I was expecting something that would more pull me in from the start. However I do accept that I might have quit too early and it may get better later.
Anyway that's my reveiw for SWTOR... Ajiey Out!