Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cataclysm + Wowstory

If your not a WoW fan then I suggest reading this will be a waste of your time. But anyway I bought Cataclysm and im nearly 85 already. Also wrote a short story about my Wow character out of boredom.

A Dwarf and his Tankard

As I woke up I slowly looked around wondering where I was. All around me was a vast vast ocean. I looked down to see the small raft I had been laying on and then next to me to spot a half empty tankard. Now any other race would first think of how they could make it back to land, but im a Dwarf therefore drinking the rest of the tankard was my first course of action.

From the taste I could tell it was Darkmoon special reserve, cheap but good, probably one of the many that is stored in my bank.

With the drink downed my next course of action was to find a way back to dry land (Dwarves don't like water). I slowly got up and started trying to communicate with the spirits of the water but got a heavy ache in my head when I tried to do so. I tried once more but the immense pain was too much, so much that I ended up falling to one knee holding my head as tighly as I could. I cursed myself for drinking so much the night before, not knowing what I did the night before or even how I ended up somewere in the great sea with nothing but a raft and a now-empty tankard. There was only one thing left to do... I closed my eyes and called upon my guardian spirit (because real shamans have guardian spirits and fight in tornaments every 500 years), despite the pain caused by my hangover; and within a few seconds, floating infront of me, was Dango my trusty spirit. I asked Dango about the events of the night before and he told me. He told me about the Ironforge beer party, about the 30 or so tankards I had but even he had no idea how I ended up in the great sea.

Once Dango finished telling me I figured that since there was nothing to do I would go back to sleep and maybe when I woke up I would be on land. It was a long and nice sleep until I was woken by the sound of rushing water. I sat up annoyed at the fact that my beautiful dream about Jaina Proudmore was ruined. However there were worse things to worry about.

I let out a long drawn out sigh as I stared into the eye of the malestrom. This wasn't my day, This really wasn't my day.